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Cast and crew from our production of Jack and the Beanstalk

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January 2024

The Wolverley Wizard that Woz

Dorothy is travelling from Camden to Birmingham when her train is disrupted by a powerful storm. When she emerges from the train, she finds herself in the strange land of Wolverleyshire. Not everything is quite as it seems, and with a host of colourful characters, Dorothy travels to meet a powerful wizard, who she hopes can help her to get home!

This year's panto was a roaring success, selling out nearly every performance and with some fantastic reviews from the audience, The Wolverley Wizard that Woz was Wolverley Village Players best production yet!

Cast from our production of Snow White and the Magnificent Seven in the Wild West (Midlands)

J C J Hudson Photography, 2023

January 2023

Snow White & The Magnificent Seven in the Wild West (Midlands)

Directed by: Stacie Palmer-Young

The classic fairytale, with a twist! Snow White's life is in danger, but can local lawman Sheriff Vince Charming, and a gang of very odd cowboys, keep her safe? With plenty of jokes and songs to sing along to, this show was a sell out!

January 2022

Jack and the Beanstalk

Directed by: Zoe Russell

After a Covid enforced break, WVP returned with our production of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

The show featured all the usual pantomime fun, including Daisy the Cow, Jack's Mum - the Pantomime Dame and lots of great songs from a live band.

Cast and crew from our production of Jack and the Beanstalk
Cast and crew from our production of A Lad in Wolverley

January 2020

A Lad In Wolverley

Directed by: Zoe Russell

In 2020 we joined Aladdin when he was tricked by his Uncle

to collect a magical lamp from inside the Drakelow Tunnels.

The immense riches and the beautiful Princess Jasmine were taken taken from him by his evil Uncle, Abanazar. We joined Aladdin and his friends, the Genie and the Spirit of the Ring, as they travelled on a magic carpet to rescue the princess.

January 2019

Into the Wolverley Woods

Directed by: Jayne Peters

In 2019 fairy tale characters were seeking out ingredients in the Wolverley Woods to help the Witch create her prize winning cake for 'The Great Wolverley Bake Off' and to lift the curse on the Baker's ovens. Lots of lovely characters, including The Three Little Pigs, Rapunzel, Jack and the Drakelow Dragon, Red Riding Hood, a Wolf and a colourful pantomime Dame ' The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe' were featured.

Cast from our production of Into the Wolverley Woods
Cast from our production of Treasure Island

January 2018

Treasure Island

Directed by: Jayne Peters

In 2018 treasure seekers struck gold as Jim found riches and true love with Lorna, who had disguised herself, to board the ship and travel to Treasure Island with him. They visited a desert Island on the way, saved the missionary from the hungry natives and fought off a bunch of lively pirates led by Long John Silver. Long John Silver's crew featured some funnily named pirates including Cut Throat Pete, Mandy Lifeboats and Hans Zondeck!

January 2017

Dick & The Whittington Cat

Directed by: Bev Brazier

In 2017 Dick and his trusty companion 'Witt the Cat' fought off a band of particularly nasty rats to save a barge full of cheese, win the girl as well as ending up as Lord Mayor of London. Besides the traditional characters there was a very drunken blue fairy, named 'Fairy Bombay Sapphire', a pirate named Captain Mouthwash, two not so identical twins 'Gordon Zola' and 'Baby Belle' who delieved a range of cheese based jokes with their 'mother' Dame 'Philadelphia Ritz'.

Cast from our production of Dick & The Whittington Cat
Cast from our production of Robin Hood in 50 Shades of Green

January 2016

Robin Hood in 50 Shades of Green

Directed by: Bev Brazier

In 2016 Robin Hood, dressed in a very fetching 50 Shades of Green, took the local residents of Wolverley on a fine adventure

in another sell-out four night show. This local version of the traditional story followed the hero on his journey, after his famed success in Nottingham, as he travels to Wolverley to seek his one true love and helps save the village from the evil Sheriff.

January 2015

Cinderella Gets a Fella

Directed by: Jude Punt

Due to the outstanding success of the first pantomime in 2015 the Wolverley Village Players added an extra night of performances for the production of 'Cinderella Gets A Fella'. The local version of the classic story featured many local landmarks and characters. Not one, but a union of fairies featured in the show, together with the three bears, one of the seven dwarfs and some very lively ugly sisters.

Cast from our production of Cinderella Gets a Fella
Cast and crew from our production of Alice's Mis-Adventures in Wolverleyland

January 2014

Alice's Mis-Adventures in Wolverleyland

Directed by: Jude Punt

In 2014 the Wolverley Village Players produced and performed their first pantomime 'Alice's Mis-Adventures in Wolverleyland' to a sell-out audience over 3 nights. The pantomime was a huge success and the cast, crew and audience all had a great time. The story followed Alice as she fell down the rabbit hole who was none other than Rabbit Plant based on local rock legend Robert Plant.

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